of Old Tishomingo County, Mississippi

                      Circa 1852 showing towns, counties, roads and distances, including steamboat distances. 
Tishomingo County is in the extreme northeastern part of the state.
Published by Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co., Philadelphia.

Tishomingo County, Mississippi, was formed in 1836 from territory ceded by the Chickasaw Indians. It was named after the noted Chickasaw chief Tishomingo who was highly respected by both whites and Indians. Chief Tishomingo received a medal from President George Washington for his service under General Anthony Wayne in the Shawnee Wars and he served under Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812. Though he tried to live peacefully with the whites even while they were encroaching on his tribe's land, he was eventually  pressured to negotiate a treaty of cessation. He died of smallpox in Arkansas on the Trail of Tears while his tribe was in route to the Indian Territory. The former home of the Chickasaws had fertile soil, excellent timber for building houses, and easy access to the Tennessee River. White settlers poured into the county in the 1840s and 1850s with the population quadrupling between 1836 and 1860. In 1870 the county was divided into Tishomingo, Alcorn, and Prentiss counties. Afterwards, the pre-1870 and geographically larger county became known as "Old Tishomingo."  

In 1837 a Mississippi state census revealed that among the new settlers were a John Sanders and his family. His descendants would remain in the country for generations and provide several individuals who were outstanding citizens of their communities. In 1841, his first cousin, once removed, Isaac Sanders, also moved his family to Tishomingo from Jackson County, Alabama. John and Isaac were both descendants of the Sanders family of Randolph and Montgomery Counties in North Carolina. In 1851 Isaac moved his family again, this time to Montgomery County, Arkansas, where they lived until after the Civil War. By 1870 they were once again back in the area of Tishomingo that was designated as the newly created Prentiss County. 

John was born  March 2, 1787 in Rowan County, North Carolina, the son of the Reverend Moses Sanders, a well-known Baptist minister who died in 1817 in Franklin County, Georgia. John and his family appear on the 1840, 1850, and 1860 federal census records and we also have numerous legal and land records of his activities back in Georgia. He married Abby Robbins December 28, 1811 in Franklin County, Georgia.  He was mentioned in an 1816 document whereby his father deeded land and also in the 1817 will of his father. In 1818, he sold the land he inherited from his father and left the state. His whereabouts until 1837 are somewhat unclear, but  his family appears to have lived in Franklin County, Tennessee, possibly near his wife's widowed mother, Elizabeth, from the early1820s until the mid-1830s. The 1830 census of Franklin County, Tennessee shows two John Sanders in the county. The census records of one of them matches exactly the known ages of the children of John and Abby.

1830 census of Franklin County, Tennessee


John Sanders


Home in 1830 (City, County, State):

Franklin, Tennessee


Free White Persons - Males - Under 5:


Josiah Hardin, born 1829

Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 14:


Lovel Dogan, born 1816
James Monroe, born 1818

Free White Persons - Males - 40 thru 49:


John, born 1787

Free White Persons - Females - Under 5:


Elizabeth Malissa, born  1826

Free White Persons - Females - 5 thru 9:


Acenith Louisa Christina, born 1821
Jincy, born 1822
Thursia Lou, born 1825

Free White Persons - Females - 30 thru 39:


Abby, born  1795

Total Free White Persons:



The noted genealogist Elden Hurst believed that John and Abby moved to McNairy County, Tennessee at some point, but I have been unable to verify that the family was there before the move to Tishomingo. Certainly, all the children born before 1830 were born in either Franklin County, Georgia, or Franklin County, Tennessee (per research of Jim Sanders of Ojai, California). The John Sanders living in McNairy in 1830 has a household that does not match that of John who married Abby. Possibly, the family did live in McNairy for a few years in the mid-1830s, but this still remains to be verified.

John's son, Moses Marion Sanders, a doctor in Corinth, Mississippi,  wrote a memoir sketch of his family in 1880 for the benefit of his children and  future descendants. The original copy of this memoir and the family Bible birth and death records were passed down in the family, and the the current owner of these records, Judge Brown Smith of Albemarle, North Carolina, has given permission to make these documents available here for genealogical research. This material is provided free for researchers but should not be used for commercial use without permission from the original owner.These records provide a wealth of information about Moses Marion's parents, siblings, and children.

Moses Marion Sanders Memoir
Moses Marion Sanders Family Bible records

The following is a transcription of the ten page handwritten memoir. I have been unable to determine the identity of the original transcriber, though Jim Sanders at the Tishomingo MSGenWeb Project page mentions a Phylis Bullock and an Adele Sanders Francis who submitted a copy of the transcription of the document. I believe the latter was actually Addie Irene Sanders, one of Moses Marion's daughters. She married Luther A. Francis, and perhaps she was the one who did the original transcription. I have been unable to determine whether Phyllis Bullock (1948-2010) is related to this family.

--Gary B. Sanders
August 2015

Memoir of Dr. Moses Marion Sanders

Corinth, Mississippi. July 6, 1880. 

It is to those in future generations that this biographical sketch is intended to enlighten upon the immediate history of our family It is natural, it is right, it is simply a prompting of the soul that inspires in us a love to perpetuate the deeds of the honorable, good, and noble. Such prompts me to enclose a link in the chain of chronology that will hand down the unstained name of our family to the unknown ages of the futures. 

Whilst my mind runs back along the family pathway through the lights and shade of several generations for nearly two hundred years I am delighted to find no dark lines recorded no traces that lead from the roll of honor no stains or disgrace to mar the bright heroism of the future generations of the family that will follow in our footprints. 

Our grandfather Moses Sanders was born in the early part of the 18th century. His life was spent in agriculture as a pursuit and theology as a profession being a Baptist preacher. Our grandfather John Robins was a merchant in Virginia. 

John Sanders our father was born in North Carolina March 2nd A.D. 1787. Our mother Aby Richardson Sanders daughter of John Robins was born in Virginia August 18th 1796. Father and mother were married in North Carolina in A.D. 18 [actually, this is incorrect; they were married  in 1811 in Franklin County, Georgia-gs]. They lived together nearly long enough to celebrate their golden wedding—fifty years. Father lived the quiet life of an independent planter having owned slaves prior to the commencement of the late war. In the early days of his life he was a soldier being engaged in the Indian War of A.D. 1812. 

Alas time with his scythe has carried many of our family to the tomb. Father and mother like many of their children sleep in the quiet city of the dead. Father died 15 Nov A.D. 1858 Mother died 10 Apr 1866. Though they are gone yet they lived to see the greater number of their children married and settled down in reasonable prosperity. 

Our eldest sister Acenith married William Muckelroy. Sister Thursialou having married A. G. Pearson whose family is quite honorable. Our sister Jiney married Joseph Carter. Our sister Elizabeth married Henry Derryberry. Our eldest brother Lovel Dogan never married. He was taken prisoner by the Federals in 1863 during the late war and never heard from. James Monroe gave most of his time to agriculture, and politics he was quite a prominent member of the general assembly of the State of Arkansas in 1860. He was a brave captain in the War Between the States. Josiah Hardin lived in Texas engaged in farming and stock raising was a brave soldier and lost his life in defense of his country 1863. Cardinal Walsey, lived in Tennessee. Engaged in planting was also a brave and generous solider and officer in the late war and lost his life in service 1864. Simeon Lafayette the youngest son was born in Miss. 31st May A. D. 1839. He is more inclined to a mercantile and political life excels many of his fellows in many good and chivalrous deeds one who wins at will and holds his friends with a strengthened chain.  During the war he was engaged for four years coming out with honors and scars having never missed an engagement unless brought down by the casualties of war.  He married Miss Mary Pinnay Young daughter of I.P. Young of this city in the year 1867.  Is a prominent citizen of this city and has made well-merited reputation as a political officer and acommercial tourist. This family consists of four members self wife & two bright intelligent beautiful little girls Mattie & Mary.  Now I have given a biographical sketch of each member of the family save one, the writer, Moses Marion Sanders.

As a rule the family has an inclination to morality and religion. The writer and next to the youngest and only son living except Fayette was born Jan A.D. 1838.  During his early life he was engaged in agriculture and attending country schools in company with his brothers Wolsey and Lafayette.  He graduated in medicine in 1860 Joined the 1st Ark infantry in Feb 1861. 

Fayette and I were soldiers together the entire war receiving three wounds each both alike held positions as officers in our command.  The writer married Miss Cynthia C. Bruton daughter of Benjamin Bruton of this city Dec 19, 1865.  We have a pleasant little family circle with only one we miss from home.  Our first is in the grave. The oldest boy, Simeon Alonzo, a bright boy very sprightly and bids to be an elocutionist of note.  2nd boy Earl Bruton quick intelligent and much inclined to refinement 3rd boy Marcus Marion bright, joyous and happy more mischievious than ever was the  'father of his country..'  4th Edna our girl endowed with more spirit and will and equal mind to any of the boys.  5th Sweet Lena 'our first' is in the cold silent tomb where we will go and follow ere long. 6th Hubbie, our Herbert the true ? and pet of the family a fine intelligent little fellow just beginning to lisp the fond name of Ma Ma.

The writer is now engaged in the practice of his profession in this city and will encourage this peace(?) his future house. 

I am, respectfully, M.M. Sanders, MD.  

******end of text of memoir

Moses Marion Sanders continued to practice medicine in Corinth until his death in 1895. His wife, the former Cynthia Bruton, lived afterwards with several of her children. In 1910 she was living with her son John Guy Sanders in Alcorn County. By the 1920s she was in Madison County, Tennessee where she remained until her death in 1941. Both she and Moses are buried in the Henry Cemetery in Alcorn County, as are many of their descendants.   

Moses Marion's father and mother, John Sanders and Abby Robins, had fifteen children but several died at an early age. Among the ones who lived until adulthood, many had rather eventful and interesting lives. The following list is based on the material in the memoir and family Bible and other records.

Children of John Sanders and Abby Robins

JOHN SANDERS (MOSES3, FRANCIS2, LEWIS1) was born March 02, 1787 in Rowan County, North Carolina, and died November 15, 1858 in Tishomingo County, Mississippi.  He married ABBY ALEXANDRIA RICHARDSON ROBINS December 28, 1811 in Franklin County, Georgia, daughter of JOHN ROBINS and ELIZABETH DOGAN.  She was born August 18, 1795 in Wilkes County, North Carolina, and died April 10, 1866 in Tishomingo County, Mississippi.   

i.    JOHN FLOYD SANDERS, b. September 23, 1815, Franklin County, Georgia; d. October 23, 1815, Franklin County, Georgia. One of the many children who died at an early age.

ii.   LOVEL DOGAN SANDERS, b. December 14, 1816, Franklin County, Georgia; d. 1863, Civil War. He is listed on the 1850 census as "insane."   He middle name is often given in family trees as "Dogaus" or something similar, but I believe he was given the middle name in honor of his grandmother's maiden name, which was  Dogan. According to his brother, Moses Marion Sanders, Lovel served in the Confederate forces in the Civil War and "he was taken prisoner in 1863 by the federals during the late war and  never heard from."

iii.    JAMES MONROE SANDERS, b. November 02, 1818, Franklin  County,  Georgia; d. February 07, 1869, Hot Spring County, Arkansas; m. ELIZABETH J. PHILLIPS; b. February 09, 1828, Tennessee; d. June 16, 1898, Hot Spring County, Arkansas. James Monroe's family suffered a terrible tragedy in 1870 when four of their children died from whooping cough or the measles. From his brother's memoir: "James Monroe gave most of his time to agriculture, and politics he was quite a prominent member of the general assembly of the State of Arkansas in 1860. He was a brave captain in the War Between the States."

iv.    CAROLINE HAMILTON SANDERS, b. October 25, 1819, Franklin County, Georgia; d. November 1825, Franklin County, Tennessee.

v.    ACENITH LOUISA CHRISTINA LERENY SANDERS, b. October 27, 1821, Franklin  County,  Tennessee; d. Aft. 1870, Alcorn County, Mississippi; m. WILLIAM MUCKELROY, Abt. 1839, Tishomingo County, Mississippi; b. Abt. 1815, Tennessee; d. Aft. 1870, Alcorn County, Mississippi.

vi.    JINCY THOMPSON JINEY SANDERS, b. November 04, 1822, Franklin  County,  Tennessee; d. October 15, 1902, Nacogdoches County, Texas; m. JOSEPH P. CARTER, October 09, 1838, Tishomingo County, Mississippi; b. 1809, Washington County, Georgia; d. Bet. 1865 - 1870, Van Zandt County, Texas. Jincy married Joseph Carter in 1838 and they moved to Van Zandt County, Texas in the mid-1850s.  Other Sanders cousins would follow later to that county and nearby Henderson County.

vii.    WASHINGTON EARLY SANDERS, b. March 17, 1824, Franklin County, Tennessee; d. August 1824, Franklin County, Tennessee.

viii.    THURSIA LOU THURSEY HANNA SANDERS, b. September 15, 1825, Franklin  County,  Tennessee; d. Bet. 1910 - 1920, Alcorn County, Mississippi; m. A. G. PERSON, Abt. 1845, Tishomingo County, Mississippi; b. December 14, 1818, North Carolina; d. May 11, 1879, Alcorn County, Mississippi.

 ix.    ELIZABETH MALISSA SANDERS, b. November 10, 1826, Franklin  County, Tennessee; d. Bet. 1850 - 1860, Tishomingo County, Mississippi or McNairy County, Tennessee; m. HENRY CARROLL DERRYBERRY, November 26, 1843, Tishomingo County, Mississippi; b. August 08, 1820, Tennessee; d. Bet. 1850 - 1860, Tishomingo County, Mississippi.  The claim has been made that she married Hanceforth T. Emmons after her husband died, but that appears to be an error.

 x.    PATON PINCKNEY SANDERS, b. January 27, 1828, Franklin County, Tennessee; d. June 05, 1828, Franklin County, Tennessee.

xi.    JOSIAH HARDIN SANDERS, b. August 18, 1829, Franklin  County,  Tennessee; d. 1864, Civil War(possibly Ellis County, Texas); m. SARAH ELIZABETH RUSHING, 1853, Hunt County, Texas (?); b. January 1836, Madison County, Tennessee (probably); d. Abt. 1906, Lea County, New Mexico. Josiah Hardin was one of the most adventurous of John and Abby's children. In the early 1850s he set out for Texas, married there, and raised cattle in several counties before the outbreak of the Civil War.  He joined the Confederate forces and apparently died in 1864, probably in Texas. His children seemed to have shared his wanderlust, as most of them moved frequently from one county to another in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

xii.    AUGUSTUS COLUMBUS HOATH? SANDERS, b. May 31, 1833, Franklin County, Tennessee(probably); d. February 15, 1835, Franklin County, Tennessee. The death date comes from the family Bible. His nickname is illegible but appears to be something like "Hoath."

 xiii.    CARDINAL WOLSEY SANDERS, b. March 21, 1835, Franklin County, Tennessee(probably); d. 1864, Civil War; m. NANCY NICY UNKNOWN, Abt. 1849, Tishomingo County, Mississippi, or McNairy County, Tennessee; b. September 1827, Alabama; d. Aft. 1900, Alcorn County, Mississippi.  His named is often spelled as "Walsey," but I assume he was named after the famous Cardinal Wolsey of the reign of Henry VIII. At the outbreak of the Civil War, he was a medical student in McNairy County, Tennessee. He died in service in 1864. One of his sons, John Beauregard Sanders, was a prominent banker and businessman in Booneville, Prentiss County, Mississippi, who donated  land for the building of the local Methodist church.

xiv.    MOSES MARION SANDERS, b. January 25, 1838, Tishomingo County, Mississippi; d. January 11, 1895, Alcorn County, Mississippi; m. CYNTHIA CLARINDA BRUTON, December 19, 1865, Alcorn  County, Mississippi; b. August 05, 1849, Tishomingo County, Mississippi; d. January 21, 1941, Jackson, Madison  County, Tennessee.

xv.    SIMEON LAFAYETTE SANDERS, b. May 31, 1839, Tishomingo County, Mississippi; d. October 31, 1908, Alcorn County, Mississippi; m. MARY PENNEY PINKNEY YOUNG, 1867, Mississippi (probably Tishomingo County); b. June 24, 1850, Mississippi; d. May 24, 1928, Alcorn County, Mississippi. From his brother's memoir: "Simeon Lafayette, the youngest son, was born in Miss. 31st May A. D. 1839. He is more inclined to a mercantile and political life excels many of his fellows in many good and chivalrous deeds one who wins at will and holds his friends with a strengthened chain.  During the war he was engaged for four years coming out with honors and scars having never missed an engagement unless brought down by the casualties of war.  He married Miss Mary Pinnay Young daughter of I.P. Young of this city in the year 1867.  Is a prominent citizen of this city and has made well-merited reputation as a political officer and acommercial tourist. This family consists of four members self wife & two bright intelligent beautiful little girls Mattie & Mary. "

Children of Moses Marion Sanders and Cynthia Bruton

MOSES MARION5 SANDERS (JOHN4, MOSES3, FRANCIS2, LEWIS1) was born January 25, 1838 in Tishomingo County, Mississippi, and died January 11, 1895 in Alcorn County, Mississippi.  He married CYNTHIA CLARINDA BRUTON December 19, 1865 in Alcorn  County, Mississippi, daughter of BENJAMIN BRUTON and AMERICA PRUITT.  She was born August 05, 1849 in Tishomingo County, Mississippi, and died January 21, 1941 in Jackson, Madison  County, Tennessee.
i.     SIMEON ALONZO "LON" SANDERS, b. September 29, 1866, Alcorn County,  Mississippi; d. November 08, 1942, St. Louis County, Missouri; m. IDA LEE SHARP, April 24, 1891, Alcorn County, Mississippi; b. March 27, 1867, McNairy County, Tennessee; d. June 07, 1945, Alcorn County, Mississippi.  His father called him a "bright boy, very sprightly."

ii.     EARL BRUTON SANDERS, b. November 19, 1868, Alcorn County,  Mississippi; d. October 01, 1921, St. Louis County, Missouri. "Intelligent and much inclined to refinement," according to his father's memoir.

iii.    MARCUS MARION SANDERS, b. April 02, 1871, Alcorn County,  Mississippi; d. August 03, 1888, Alcorn County,  Mississippi. "Bright, joyous, and happy and more mischievous" is the label given him in his father's memoir.

iv.    EDNA SANDERS, b. March 26, 1873, Alcorn County,  Mississippi; d. Bet. 1910 - 1920, Meridian, Lauderdale County, Mississippi; m. ISAAC PEELER WILLIAMS, December 23, 1893, Alcorn County, Mississippi; b. February 1862, Attala County, Mississippi; d. Bet. 1930 - 1940, Lauderdale County, Mississippi.

v.     LENA SANDERS, b. December 02, 1875, Alcorn County, Mississippi; d. July 23, 1877, Alcorn County, Mississippi. From her father's memoir: "Sweet Lena 'our first' is in the cold silent tomb." Although the memoir was written five years after her death, the grief was still evident. Lena was not the firstborn child and the words "our first" apparently refers to the intensity of the loss. At that time he did not know that two more daughters would die in infancy.

vi.    HERBERT SANDERS, b. May 16, 1878, Alcorn County,  Mississippi; d. May 26, 1909, St. Louis County, Missouri. "Pet of the family, a fine intelligent little fellow," according to the 1880 memoir of his father.

vii.    BERNICE SANDERS, b. September 20, 1880, Alcorn County, Mississippi; d. June 13, 1882, Alcorn County, Mississippi.

viii.    ADDIE IRENE SANDERS, b. February 17, 1883, Alcorn County, Mississippi; d. October 1974, Alcorn County, Mississippi; m. LUTHER A. FRANCIS, Abt. 1909, Madison County, Tennessee; b. April 22, 1884, Tennessee; d. January 12, 1934, Hardeman County, Tennessee. Addie Irene may have been the transcriber of the memoir written by her father.

ix.    MAY SANDERS, b. September 24, 1885, Alcorn County,  Mississippi; d. December 07, 1889, Alcorn County,  Mississippi.

 x.    HELEN SANDERS, b. October 24, 1887, Alcorn County,  Mississippi; d. 1975, Troup County, Georgia; m. GEORGE EARLY WINSTON, Abt. 1910, Coahoma County, Mississippi; b. March 10, 1870, Georgia; d. November 13, 1951, Troup County, Georgia. Helen was the grandmother of Judge Brown Smith.

xi.    JOHN GUY SANDERS, b. December 30, 1889, Alcorn County,  Mississippi; d. Aft. 1950, Nassau County, New York; m. (1) RACHEL UNKNOWN, Abt. 1919, Mississippi or Tennessee; b. Abt. 1894, Tennessee; m. (2) MARIAN MARIE LANDT, Abt. 1924, New York; b. Abt. 1892, Austria; d. Aft. 1950, New York.

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